Let's talk Sciatica. Sciatica is more of an umbrella term used to describe the symptom of pain along the sciatic nerve pathway. Typical symptoms include pain traveling down the leg from the low back, numbness and tingling, weakness in leg and shoot/ shock-like pain. While roughly 90% of true sciatic pain is due to a herniated disc impinging on the nerve root, there are other potential 'pseudo-sciatica' causes with similar symptoms:

  • Piriformis syndrome due to the sciatic nerve being impinged or irritated by the Piriformis muscle

  • Piriformis or gluteal trigger points

  • Spinal stenosis due to the narrowing of the spinal canal

  • Pregnancy due to the weight of fetus pressing on the sciatic nerve

Taking a thorough history and getting a detailed exam can help rule-out (or rule in) the true cause of ones pain.

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