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(15 MINS)
In this visit, you and Dr. Hogan will go over your past health history, and may review any x-rays, MRI's or lab tests relative to your current health goals. This visit is very informative and will answer any questions you may have about your bodies optimal function.
(1 HOUR)
After reviewing your health history and establishing your goals, Dr. Hogan will conduct a thorough neurological and orthopedic evaluation. Based upon your individual needs, Dr. Hogan offers trigger point therapy, Graston technique, Dry Needling, Kinesiotaping, spinal and extremity manipulation, exercise for physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic techniques. 
(30 MINS)
You and Dr. Hogan will spend the first few minutes reviewing health improvements from your previous sessions, discussing the progression of your goals, and how the current session can best be utilized. You will then receive soft tissue mobilization, adjustments, and other chiropractic services as needed for your unique goals and pain patterns.
Trigger Point Release
  • helps release tight muscles
  • decreases pain
  • aims to increase range of motion
  • provides support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting range of motion.
  • decreases inflammation and alleviates pain.
Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • restore strength, flexibility and power.
  • posture protocols
  • improve coordination and neuromuscular memory.
Graston Technique
  • detects and treats fascial adhesions.
  • expedites healing process 
Spinal & Extremity Manipulation
Food Sensitivity Testing
  • comprehensive food sensitivity detection measuring IgG & IgE antibodies
Dry Needling
  • tiny monofilament needles are inserted into muscle(s) to release shortened bands and decrease trigger point activity helping relieve tension, resolve pain and promote healing.
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