Athletic Performance & Sleep

It is no surprise how important sleep is for both the physical and psychological recovery and performance of an athlete. While certain interventions are not always possible due to demands of training, travel associated with competitions/ play and the 'athletic lifestyle', a systematic review was done on 218 athletes of various sports (ages 18-24) looking at different interventions such as sleep extensions/ napping, sleep hygiene and post-exercise recovery strategies. The evidence suggests that sleep extension had the most beneficial impact on performance. This just goes to show you the importance of the 'pre-game nap'! :)

Diabetes & Tendinopathy

Here’s an eye-opening study in regards to diabetes and tendinopathy. Individuals with diabetes had more than 3x the odds of tendinopahy compared to controls. Although there were no direct casual relationships, here are some proposed reasons: Hyperglycemia associated with diabetes affects collagen linkages in tendons and reduces proteoglycans (proteins found in connective tissues) Statins, which help control cholesterol, have a higher usage in diabetic individuals. Statins have been shown to induce tendinopathy in people. Excess adipose tissue. The average BMI in diabetic individuals is over 30 which correlates higher levels of adiposity in diabetic individuals. Studies have shown association

Calling All Coffee Connoisseurs!

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! ️ There have been many opinions highlighting the pros and cons of the effects coffee has on the human body. A study from Journal of Internal Medicine identifies metabolite changes in response to drinking coffee. 115 metabolites were significantly associated with drinking coffee. 82 of those 115 metabolites were shown to improve the following pathways: xanthine metabolism (generation of reactive oxygen species, ROS) Benzoate metabolism (gut micro flora) Steroid metabolism (similar effects of lowering cholesterol seen with statin drugs) Fatty acid metabolism (breakdown of fats for energy and creation of hormones, ketones and triglycerides) Endocannabinoid metab

The Importance of Lat Activation

Here’s an interesting study! During pulldowns, this study shows Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) are most strongly activated when elbows are below the shoulders and less activated when elbows are above the shoulders. The lower Trapezius (Traps) display the opposite. Why is this important? There’s so much to correlate to this study! It’s further evidence to explain why Lat activation is so essential for reciprocal inhibition of the Traps. It shows why ergonomics are so important and the height of your desk (ie. elbows at proper angle) are crucial to fixing postural aches, pains and headaches. It also shows how Upper Cross Syndrome can be addressed to eliminate forward head posture, overactivity and im

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