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Calling All Coffee Connoisseurs!

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! ️ There have been many opinions highlighting the pros and cons of the effects coffee has on the human body. A study from Journal of Internal Medicine identifies metabolite changes in response to drinking coffee. 115 metabolites were significantly associated with drinking coffee. 82 of those 115 metabolites were shown to improve the following pathways:

  • xanthine metabolism (generation of reactive oxygen species, ROS)

  • Benzoate metabolism (gut micro flora)

  • Steroid metabolism (similar effects of lowering cholesterol seen with statin drugs)

  • Fatty acid metabolism (breakdown of fats for energy and creation of hormones, ketones and triglycerides)

  • Endocannabinoid metabolism (anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant and potential pain reliever effects)

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