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Calling All College Students!

Lack of sleep has been linked to mental health problems. With each night of insufficient sleep (defined as number of nights students did not sleep to feel rested) mental health symptoms increased by almost 20%. Over 110,000 students were analyzed through the National College Health Assessment and for each night of insufficient sleep:

  • Loneliness increased by 19%

  • Depression increased by 21%

  • Anxiety increased by 25%

  • Desire to self-harm increased 25%

  • Suicidal thoughts increased 28%

  • Exhaustion increased 29%

Similar findings were seen in 8,500 student athletes.

The numbers are alarming and this should give a different thought process to 'pulling an all nighter'. Most people know my opinions on naps (spoiler: I'm a huge fan!) and adequate sleep cannot be overlooked -- not only for academic performance but for ones mental health as well.

Ramsey, T, Athey, A, Ellis, J, Tubbs, A, Turner, R, Killgore, W, Warlick, C, Alsonso-Miller, P, Grandner, M. ' 0901 Dose-Response Relationship Between Insufficient Sleep And Mental Health-Symptoms in Collegiate Student Athletes and Non-Athletes'. Sleep. 2019 April; 42: A362.

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