Reyná Jackman, Manager


I began my healing journey in 2011 after struggling with major depression, anxiety, and ADHD throughout my adolescence. I was born a highly sensitive person, which according to leading researcher, Elaine Aron, affects about 20% of the population, including other species. High sensitivity is characterized by extreme empathy, depth of processing and unbelievable creativity. Wielded wisely, this kind of sensitivity can make you an amazing person and healer, but without awareness of this trait it can lead to a lot of pain, misunderstanding and emotional turmoil. I spent 18 years of my life very, deeply unhappy and dissatisfied with who I was and when I got to University I was determined to do anything and everything in my power to free myself of the binds of those emotional ailments.  

After going through every conventional medicine and treatment pathway and not finding much relief I turned to the alternative medicine side of healing. I enrolled in a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in my freshman year of University and started reading every available book on alternative treatments for ADHD. I was unwavering in my commitment to learn to regulate my own physiology and brain chemistry instead of having to rely on medications with deleterious interactions and side effects. Within only three weeks of practicing yoga and coherent breathing I experienced so much profound healing. I was finally able to feel physically present and at ease in my body, my mind was no longer racing, and I had a tool to kick anxiety to the curb in any moment I chose to. All I had to do was breathe, slowly and coherently, matching the length of my inhalation and exhalation for 20 minutes a day.

Throughout my time at the University of Vermont I studied Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Psychology, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Sound Healing, Meridian Systems and Organ Healing and Herbalism. I believe these ancient practices have invaluable healing effects in nearly every dimension of our lives, and so I committed myself to completing as many trainings as possible to gain a better understanding of how to heal myself of anxiety depression, and ADHD to be in a better position to guide others on their healing journeys.

A year after University, I decided to go to Green Mountain Massage School in Vermont with the goal of integrating energy work into a very tangible, well-accepted modality of alternative healing, massage. In case you haven’t caught on, I love to learn haha! In the years since massage school I have taken many additional trainings to round out my skillset and become the best healer I can be. I have studied Orthopedic Massage, Cupping Therapy, Aromatherapy, Access Bars, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Lauren Berry Method, Kaiut Yoga, Lymphatic Massage, TMJ Intraoral Massage, Wim Hoff Breathing Method & Ice Bath Therapy, Limiting Belief Work, Journaling, Breath, Body, Mind PTSD Breathing and Astrology.

In my development as a bodyworker, I also developed a new type of massage. I named this style The Felis Method™ in honor of my Cat, Amethyst, who taught me how to use my knowledge of energy medicine and myofascial unwinding to permanently unravel deeply held tensions, old injuries, and emotional traumas that are stored within the fascial tissues.

I worked for many years in private practice as an Integrative Bodyworker using all my tools to offer the most effective healing sessions possible to help my community permanently alleviate their physical and emotional pain. After experiencing many big life changes throughout early 2020, I took a sabbatical from my bodywork practice to work on my book, Embodying Joy in Times of Hardship and Change. The book will speak to the parallels between ADHD and high sensitivity along with the big three challenges that come with being highly sensitive: anxiety, depression, and anger. The book will detail my healing journey and include the top tools to permanently overcome high sensitivity and ADHD to turn those traits into superpowers. I am excited to be able to give the gift of bodywork and work at Hogan Health & Chiropractic, while I continue to work on my book. I am now offering Integrative Bodywork sessions, teaching Reya Yoga™ classes, and working with the owner, Dr. Jeff Hogan, to assist clients in their health and healing goals and help them achieve a permanently pain-free life!

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