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Reya Yoga ™ Sessions
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Reya Yoga ™ is a unique blend of Restorative, Hatha, Kaiut and Yin Yoga styles with an emphasis on breathing practices and qigong. The practice allows the body, mind, and nervous system to settle and hold poses long enough to explore sensation, work with your body’s comfortable edge, and relax into a sense of utter letting go. During the session you are supported in various postures using a variety of props to stabilize the body and promote relaxation. This approach assists you in permanently releasing deeply held tensions on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that have been stored within the joint and fascial structures of the body.

It’s a recalibration of the body’s physiological response to stress, away from reactive patterns that lead to chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system and toward supportive patterns that promote the relaxation response, activating the para-sympathetic nervous system. This aids in your healing by lowering the heart rate and blood-pressure, decreasing respiratory rate and inflammation, promoting digestion and overall deep healing, and creating functional changes throughout the joint structures leading to increased range of motion and freedom. This is the physiologic state that allows the body to rest, restore, and repair itself completely. In this light, Reya Yoga ™ is much like adult nap-time, a break we all need in these times of change and upheaval.

Depending on the unique goals of the client, assisted stretching, massage cupping, and Healing Touch may be incorporated into Reya Yoga ™ sessions at Hogan Health & Chiropractic.

Reya Yoga ™ benefits us by:

  • Triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, and sending body and mind into a state of rest and digest

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Soothing the nervous system

  • Allowing for both active and passive muscle relaxation

  • Quieting the mind

  • Alleviating stress & anxiety

  • Slowing down pace of life

  • Encouraging mindfulness

  • Cultivating proprioception (body awareness)

  • Deepening self-awareness and introspection

  • Increasing range of motion and joint mobility

  • Improving flexibility and muscle tone

  • Slowing pace of breathing, deepening breath and relaxing respiratory muscles

  • Grounding body, mind and soul

  • Preparing you for deep meditation and sleep

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